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// Productive week!! //

Hey guys,

I’m having a seriously busy week this week but it is fabulous, plenty of networking is going on! Firstly though I’d like to talk about Martin Lynch coming to our Tuesday night’s creative writing class and it was superb! I’m in awe of him! Of course I’d seen some of his plays like ‘The Chronicles of Long Kesh’ and ‘The History of the Troubles according to my Da.’ Both tremendous plays and of-course based on the troubles in Northern Ireland. Martin is an Irish playwright who has been doing it for more than 25 years just after seeing 2 plays, having no experience of writing a playwright or setting up and producing a play, but with will and determination and not taking no for an answer he now is exceptionally well-known and a legend in his own right! He spoke of growing up in poverty, similar bases to many other stories from local people living in Northern Ireland during the troubles, (even some of my relatives) but also of his dad being a Docker and a great story teller, this is where he believes his talent originated from. He then did educate us a bit on the work involved in being a playwright, how its important to really nail the character in the play and to lay the character and plot out in the first 15 minutes of the play! Before I know it I’ve fire in my belly and want to join drama school, something I haven’t done since primary school, but why not! I love a night to the theatre, I think there’s nothing better than getting captured in the character of a play when your watching it, now I’m wandering the challenges of actually acting in it and adjusting to meet that character!! Watch this space is all I’m saying! 

I’ll be back with more tomorrow….

// Bridal show and work comments… //

Well the Bridal show is done and dusted and weekend antics have certainly caught up with me, tiredness has hit! Didn’t do much over the weekend other than the Bridal show. Although on Saturday night Seamus had got us a full rack of ribs each and slow cooked them for four hours just in time for me getting home. The meat just fell off the bone, it was better than any Tony Romas I’ve ever tasted! So good, so we had that with chips and a bottle of wine, it was an absolutely fab evening, just nice and chilled, as I had been warned Sunday would be the busiest day for the show. 

On Friday I got car parking tickets out and any outstanding contracts sorted then I naturally got to know some of our good clients and addressed various public members. On Saturday I had a range of jobs and lastly on Sunday I had the job of dressing the models for the fashion shows that ongoing throughout the day. I enjoyed that job out of most. In preparation for the show I had the obligation to sort all the money out and make sure it was paid before they entered the premises, as I’ve only been here a few weeks I wasn’t sure how this has went in previous shows, but out of 92 exhibitors with the majority needing prepaid parking passes as well i knocked my job out of the park! Only one minor mistake, the boss was delighted, so I was happy enough. However, the downside to being too good at doing accounts is causing a bit of diff’s in whether I will get the full time editorial post that is now available as Ellie is leaving. I’ve had to voice that it was in that department where I want to be, and have been educated to the level that means I should be there. The boss was a bit disappointed in me asking, but after all if you don’t ask you don’t get! And also once you find your comfort zone its time to leave it!! I’ll keep you updated on what happens, I do part of my week in the editorial department but I would like it to be the full week if I’m being honest! 

I did hear at the show another girl who someones comes in and does a day here and there in editorial was addressed about the position in editorial so naturally I was a bit annoyed that just because I’m good in accounts they’re going to keep me there instead of moving me to where I want to be, after all I done almost 6 weeks voluntary in editorial before Christmas, so we’ll see what happens! 

The City Life magazine that we produce has just been published and I wrote a good few pieces in it, it’s looking very well indeed so I’m chuffed to bits with my progress in that! 

Best Wishes,

L xxx

// Spin class!!!! //


Well I’m just home from an intense spin class (my first one in years) followed by an hours swim, man I feel good!!! Work was super stressful today, as we’re organising the bridal show for this weekend, so it was fab to get a good cardio session to push those troubles away! I decided to try a spin class as I’m injured at the moment and running on the treadmill isn’t happening…well, not without major inflammation and pain. I’ve been swimming a lot (but its the slowest form of weight loss) and I want to see results fast! I’m not happy with my thighs at the moment ladies, there just too big and according to my sister, brother and mum I’m getting a ‘bit too muscly’ so I guess it’s time to go back to light weights and increase my cardio levels immensely!! After all bikini season is coming and it’s approaching fast!

Recently I’ve seen friends and family members blast it out in the gym, (those who didn’t know the inside of a gym 2years ago) and whoa the results are epic, I’m so proud of their achievements and its great to see your girlies slipping into dresses and feeling really great about themselves, it’s so inspirational! Everybody has their own insecurities, but what they don’t realise is when they start seeing results from their own hard work, their not interested in what other people look like they become more focused on their personal goal, and sometimes I think this beats insecurity to a minimum, another major positive from exercise! It’s true though it doesn’t matter how much you exercise you have to maintain a healthy diet too, which is sometimes hard! I have a no bread rule, and sometimes you just want that scone, or smell toast and really want a slice! Being fit definitely isn’t always easy!

Away that’s my rant over for today xxx

// love…//

Totally have fallen off the planet, sometimes life just takes over with things and time just goes everyday! It feels just like I haven’t had a minute to myself, work is going so well, it’s flying in and were doing a Bridal Show next week, which I’m looking forward to but judging the comments from the others in the office it’s nothing but stress city! Fun times. The only bad thing is no weekend or days off for two weeks :( boo!!! anyways throughout everything I managed to write a poem that doesn’t represent the future but it did mean something to me at one stage so I thought I’d share it with you guys: 

Her heart lay down, 

And found it no longer frowned,

For she settled in the dust,

And thought they suited as us,

Close by disagreed,

With outbursts and pleas,

Worried and alarmed,

Feeling frightened and disarmed,

It was not meant to be,

Why couldn’t she see?

Vision blurred, thoughts disturbed,

The night’s sky cloudy,

Judgement heard,

But it was spared,

For there was fear,

And the little voice near,

Let me out,

Screams and shouts,

Familiarness kept captive,

Unwillingness attracted,

Staying put,

Too hard to boot,

In too deep,

Her heart lay down,

There was no sound. 

// Same thing…different day! //

Hey guys well I’ve been hiding away for no real reason, just had a quite period, things are pretty normal at the minute, in other words I haven’t being doing much! It’s been mainly work, college, time with the family, Seamus and of-course the gym! I’ve actually been very working hard at the gym back in all my size 6’s which I love, it’s definitely worth it - it doesn’t happen overnight but yes hard work pays off! Speaking of which we’re now in the final week of Lent and YES I have done it so far, I’ve managed to stay away from chocolate which was my main problem, and sweets and I think I may have slipped up on crisps the night of the cocktails with my ladies but other than that in general I have objected to everyday temptations. I’m seriously looking forward to indulging in some chocolate this Sunday though, and even more delighted with being off work for a few days!

As employers basically have the ball in their court nowadays I can happily say I’m off my temporary contract already and onto a permanent one. So the last couple of weeks couldn’t be better, I’m so happy. On top of all that I guess my love life has went from strength to strength recently too. When I came into this relationship I was extremely heart broken, and as much as I was honest with Seamus (and probably sometimes a bit too honest) he stuck around, but I fought the relationship all the way, in fact we dated for a year before I would actually commit. Looking back now I would say it was probably really hard for Seamus to listen to what I was going through and just known that I was just kind of taking my mind off things, or not wanting to be alone, going on drives, cinema anything to just not sit in the house. Many times I asked why he was still around but he said he seen something he liked and he was prepared to stay, also he’s been through a similar situation and he could more or less relate to how I was feeling. Anyway not to ramble on, its taken me a very long time to be completely happy, but I am finally there, now when I look at us as a couple I wander why I fought it so hard. I truly have someone who appreciates and loves me for me, someone who recognised that I’d been through some really hard times and was patient with my ‘wall’ coming down. I’m so grateful for his patience and his kindness along the way. That’s not to say he didn’t do his own wrongs, he was too coming out of a relationship but wasn’t quite as brutally honest as I was and as always truth comes out in the end. But not to dwell on what things happened, looking at the here and now I am grateful we stuck by each other and we’re shaping up to be one hell of a team.

Recently a lot of friends have told me of their relationship problems, some are getting married and it’s the stress of the wedding or others are newly-weds, or some are just going through difficult times and I think sometimes it’s as simple as a bit of miscommunication with one another. Like some truths are hard to hear, people don’t like criticism but in the end it gets it all out in the open, and I think this has been the backbone of survival with my situation. Seamus will often say I taught him what honesty really was, I never hold back, and sometimes criticisms are hard to hear but in the end if you take them on board and just accept them then how hard is it really. After all nobody is perfect, but if you love someone then you have to work around both your imperfections and find the compromise position and stick to it!! One of my best friends found out his girlfriend of many years has cheated on him and is now in a relationship with this ‘new guy’, and as much as he is absolutely gutted his response was “well I forgive her, I’m devastated, hurt but in time I’ll get over it”: he amazes me-so mature for his age, and such a brilliant understanding of human interaction and communication it’s scary! I’m devastated for him and in a way angry that she obviously knew that she had kissed another boy, and met with him yet was giving false hope that the relationship was going to be OK with my friend. Sometimes women are bitches, men often get blamed in the wrong but I think the odds are pretty much shaping up to be either.

So the latest in my life is… I’m deciding whether to box again or not it’s been a while since I’ve been in the ring, it would be for a great cause of course (a charity of my choice)! Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely love boxing but it costs a lot to do it so I’m not sure really. At the moment I’m starting to save and hopefully in a few years I’ll start to thinking about getting a place of my own, at 25 I probably should have done that by now, but life at home has been great so I haven’t ventured that far yet! Anyway as training is commencing my decision is going to have to be imminent…I’ll let you guys know!  

// Girls Aloud //

imageimageWell a few months ago I went to a fundraiser night for Seamus’ football team Eire Org, and joking with the girl taking the donations I said to her ‘pick me out the Girls Aloud tickets, thats the prize I’m hoping to win.’ Sure enough we won them. As much as Seamus loves chick flicks or a concert (although he lets on he doesn’t), he give his ticket to my sister Emma and last Wednesday it was the night of the concert.

I have to admit I had preconceptions that were a bit harsh, after-all any time I heard them live on TV they weren’t great, or they’d mimed so I wasn’t expecting to be blown away, however, I was! What a night, they were singing live and well, they were fabulous, their outfits, dance routines, everything was amazing, and to top it all off-we were right at the stage: it was epic!! Before the concert Emma treated me to meal in Tony Romas, were we both absolutely love, they do the best slab of ribs and great strawberry diarquaris too. It’s not often we take the time to do these sorts of things, even though were close, we would just naturally go for dinner or to a concert with our friends. And in a way I guess I was a bit hurt at myself for never having a night like this before now, after all we both are fiercely loyal to our family and nothing means more than family! So I’m definitely going to make more of an effort in that way. As Emma is single and she often jokes she’d like a date night, but I think she actually doesn’t care about going out for dinner with a fella, she just generally enjoys the ‘going for a meal, going to the cinema etc…’ and it is something you just end up doing with your other half, but actually I had so much fun with her and the concert itself was epic, we were buzzing after it! And WOW all five members are gorgeous!! It’s often said Nicole is ‘the ugly one’ but I can guarantee this is not the case, and whatever domestics have went on behind the scenes with Nadine, there was no bad feeling on the stage, the girls couldn’t have looked more at home with one another! Also I did notice Cheryl was very attentive to one dancer, I think I spotted her giving him a quick kiss after a dance!! But when they thanked the dancers the name Tre wasn’t mentioned so I don’t know for sure! Then during the final song ‘I’ll stand by you’ they were all emotional, Sarah and Cheryl cried, Sarah couldn’t even sing part of her lines because she was so emotional and almost everyone around us were emotional, it had a ripple effect! It was just brilliant, such a fab evening. And the lesson to self is nights like that should probably be more with your loved ones! I’m definitely going to make more of an effort with Emma and Tony (my brother) in that sense!

// Anemia…//

It is a freezing Tuesday here in Belfast, it keeps threatening to snow, I’m personally hoping it doesn’t! Well the sniffles aren’t too bad this morning, me and mum still blasted it out in the gym this morning before work! I really do advise anyone to start their day off in the gym, the energy after is explosive! Normally my training works 10minutes cardio (interval training is the best way to lose weight, and that’s sprints and jogs no walking) followed by weight training, we do a different set per day: chest, back, shoulders and legs, arm work outs are integrated in them all. However, its always good to shape things up a little so this week were going to add two spin classes to the work out plan, our cardio training needs a little boost and why not try spin class. I haven’t done it in years but there’s a real hype about it, anyone I know that is trying to lose weight, training for a wedding or has a special occasion has been addicted to spin class. Ladies I’m jumping on the bandwagon!! 

Despite being health conscious I have to admit feeling extremely lethargic. This morning I also took a trip to see my GP to disclose what the problem could be. It seems I may have a form of anemia, which runs in my family well pernicious anemia does: I’m unsure as yet if I have this particular type but I feel a sense of relief to know the cause of me feeling a little under the weather! Interestingly I didn’t feel alerted through tiredness because when you use energy you make energy so I always push myself. However recently I have unusually broken out in spots on my back, which I’ve never had before, I’ve been scratching out my eyeballs and I have in layman’s terms a ‘dirty tongue’ (dark patches of redness in parts of my tongue). Anemia is easily sorted so I’m not going to sit about moping, people have much severe health issues and on that note don’t make excuses not to look after yourself, get your butts to the gym and work up a sweat. As my nanny says ‘if you have your health your got your wealth!!’ xo 


I’m so excited to be #springcleaning my life! I truly believe in prettying up your surroundings to improve your mood and efficiency! Your inner health is reflected by your outer environment. Did you know that statistics show that there is a correlation between weight and cleanliness? Take a look at your desk and your room right now. Does sitting in a mess make you feel good? No! Take 10 min to throw away or recycle what you don’t need and clear space! You need space to be creative and productive. This will improve how you feel and will motivate you to go go go! Oh and yes, totes going all teal and coral whimsical beach glam! U like? #inprogress

Loved this post!!!


I’m so excited to be #springcleaning my life! I truly believe in prettying up your surroundings to improve your mood and efficiency! Your inner health is reflected by your outer environment. Did you know that statistics show that there is a correlation between weight and cleanliness? Take a look at your desk and your room right now. Does sitting in a mess make you feel good? No! Take 10 min to throw away or recycle what you don’t need and clear space! You need space to be creative and productive. This will improve how you feel and will motivate you to go go go! Oh and yes, totes going all teal and coral whimsical beach glam! U like? #inprogress

Loved this post!!!

// Happy Monday ladies… //

Well folks, for the first time in years I’ve got a bit of a sniffle. I actually think I may have overdosed on lemsips in work…oops! But on a more positive note I bounced out of bed at 6am, went to the gym and got a quick grocery shop in all before 9am! All that’s left to do is get the dog walked after work and then I’m able to chill out. In other words despite my cold I am having an awesome Monday!! Got a chest session done today in the gym, I feel like I’m on target to weight loss and being healthy so all is right in ‘Laura’s bubble’.

I’ve decided, since it’s the first time in years that I’ve been sick I’d start back to drinking Aloe Vera, not sure how much knowledge you have about Aloe Vera but I couldn’t emphasis the goodness you feel when taking it! It is miracle juice, 100% Aloe Vera should be in everyone’s diet, even if you’re the most negative person on this planet you couldn’t deny the benefits you get from drinking this stuff, and for me the best bit is how you have this amazing energy and literally bounce out of bed in the mornings. Ok, so it roughly takes 14days for you to start feeling these amazing benefits so for me it’ll be this time in two weeks but already I’m feeling incredible just taking it, afterall if it’s good enough for the Beckham family, it’s good enough for me!!

Anyway hope your weekend was good, mine was again fabulous! I went out with the work ones on Friday and I couldn’t be happier in my place of work, the laughs were endless, we all happily danced the night away. With great music, company and as we say in Belfast ‘craic’ I couldn’t have imagined better. On Saturday night I just chilled out with Seamus, we were naughty and indulged in a 16 inch pizza, but sure if your training hard its good to have a night off once in a while and we watched Argo, great show, hats off to Ben Affleck for directing and acting in it!

My Sunday morning couldn’t have went better as Seamus surprised me with my favourite magazine EVER – Zest magazine – if you’re obsessed with fitness like I am or you need inspiration or motivation I suggest you get yourselves to a local shop and buy this magazine! I haven’t missed an issue since I discovered it over two years ago! It’s generally something I look forward to every month, although usually Seamus surprises me with it and a candle lit bath while he’s cooking dinner, (yes ladies be jealous!) But this month I let him off with it, after all I haven’t much to complain about have I? And the meals in the magazine are always great; I have all the issues, so I occasionally go back to a few recipes when I’ve time to indulge in an evening of blissful cooking. And since it was mothers day I had some quality time with the fantastic lady herself, we actually chilled out and she was treated like Royalty getting everything handed to her, although in fairness this happens regularly! We also indulged in a bit of Channing Tatum in The Vow in the evening; those who know me understand he is my perfect man so I definitely wasn’t complaining. Anyway guys a very happy Monday, lets hope the rest of the week is just as good! XO 

// Inspirational -Maya Angelou //

Previously I attended a creative writing class on a Monday, but that was in the ‘unemployed’ days, luckily though I was able to transfer to a Tuesday night class…tonight was my first night! It was fab, really enjoyed it! In the second half we read a passage from Maya Angelou’s book ‘I know how the cage bird sings’ referring back to her graduation day! She was a fantastic writer, very vivid! But how awful must it have been to be ‘Black’ hopefully that’s the politically correct term and living in the 40/50/60/70/80’s and possibly even 90’s and unfortunately from the recent news in some cases today! It makes me sick!

We read that particular passage because it was so relevant to her poem, which was sensational. Ill quote the first passage:

'You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may trod me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I’ll rise.’

This piece to me, is just outstanding, and relevant to any situation where someone is being put down, or being treated unfairly. In this piece of writing one can sense such a strong empowering woman; it’s emotionally strengthening! I love women like this, standing up for themselves. I find these women inspirational, even going threw a break up or a hard time I’ll find myself listening to Christina Aguilera’s song ‘Fighter’, some type of material that makes you proud to be a woman! It strengthens us, it’s our time to lead, to create ourselves-how we choose to! we no longer need the support of men. But with relevance to Maya she fought to have equal rights for her race, a legend in her own right.The reality is its due to these fantastic women, a gateway has slowly been opened to a better more equal society, and bring it on!

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